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There are a lot of reasons you may not be making progress in the gym. Some of these common reasons are: you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough, lack of motivation, lack of proper nutrition, lack of sleep and rest, you do the same things over and over, just to name a few.

But what about your training environment?

I would say this is one of the most overlooked aspects of making progress in the your training. The training environment is everything from where you train, who you train with, and even what music you are listening to. Building the right training environment is crucial to your training success and reaching your fitness goals.

If you are just starting to exercise you will probably be comfortable in a different environment than if you are an experienced fitness enthusiast. The key is to find a gym with an environment that you thrive in. A place that gets you excited to go to. A place that makes you want to push yourself past your limits. Your gym environment should motivate you to exercise, not make you feel like you’re standing in an operating room, and you shouldn’t touch anything. At the same time you want to feel comfortable, but not so relaxed that you have no desire to do any exercise. You need to find a gym with a healthy balance between the two.

A big part of what can make the training environment motivating is the types of people that you are surrounded by while working out. Some people love to train intensely and it makes them push themselves even harder when They see others around pushing themselves past the comfort zone. On the other hand when People train in gyms or places where everyone around them is more focused on playing on their phones or resting than the actual training, This will result in a negative way towards your session.

Another thing that factors in, is the equipment. If you have the opportunity, go try a gym that is completely different from what you are used to and see how you like training with different equipment like tractor tires for pulling for flipping and weighted sleds for pushing. Not only does adding variety into your workout routine help you see new and faster results but it can also help you get more excited to get to the gym since you have something new to look forward to.

Kernow strength & conditioning is not a fancy health club its a place that changes the way you train and it gets you the fitness results you’ve been training for and that’s what People love about it.

All of the equipment is different from most commercial gyms so You can always find good variety to keep things fresh and keep the body guessing what’s next. You can ask for any help and friendly advice about any aspect of training.

We have classes that cater for anybody with any level ability of fitness.

We provide one on one personal training to help you reach your goals. January special price on 10 sessions £195

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it

Posted by Adam Taylor on 17th January 2015