Don’t create obstacles


Fitter, Stronger, Faster, We all have different goals and reasons for training, but everyone who trains at Kernow Strength & Conditioning has one awesome thing in common, they’re all driven individuals wanting to succeed.

“I can’t do it”.  “I’m too tired”. “It’s too hard”. “I’ll never be able to lift this”. “It’s too cold”.  “I’ll never lose this weight”.  “I’ll never have that ‘perfect’ body”.  Sound familiar?

I’m sure you have said those or many others to yourself before, I’ve done it, and we’ve all done it.  It’s all about mindset and we need to have the right mindset if we want to accomplish our fitness goals.   How are you going to be able to lose that weight or lift a certain weight if you don’t think you can do it?  That’s right, you won’t be able to.  It won’t happen.

So, what are you going to do to get yourself in the right mindset?  We all seem to find excuses not to workout.  It’s easy to get sidetracked, You get home from work late, you are tired, you have chores, the kids need help with homework, you have to make dinner for the family…there is always something going on to distract you.

Take those excuses and throw them out the window. Working out will help improve your mood, your focus, increase your energy and in general will make you feel better.  The people around you will be happier just as much as you will.

You have to realize that getting and staying in the right mindset sometimes means you can’t do it alone. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same kind of exercise you do.

What motivates you to workout?  Do you have a particular goal you want to reach?  Do you want to lose that last 10lbs and fit into different size jeans?  Do you want to be able to lift a certain amount of weight? What about sports, are you training for that?  There are so many reasons people start and continue working out, Once you figure out what motivates you, maybe you need to write down your goals, register for that marathon, look at those jeans daily, or grab an old photo of yourself and put it on the fridge.  You need to look at your goals regularly and you’ll want to reach them.

One thing that is important is that you like the exercise you are doing.  If you don’t enjoy your workouts you are not going to stick with them.   Some of you may love lifting weights and others may love intense cardio and sweating.  There is something for everyone at Kernow Strength & Conditioning, and none of it is boring.

So are you ready?  Are you motivated?  Are you ready to reach your goals?   No excuses anymore, get in that right mindset and become better.

Posted by Adam Taylor on 1st February 2015