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About the Gym

If you want to get fitter, faster and stronger, it might not happen in a commercial gym as it is harder to contribute the level of effort needed to achieve greatness when 30 people behind you are riding exercise bikes and watching TV. The only way to reach your potential is to be in an environment like kernow Strength & Conditioning where everyone has the same goal: TO GET BETTER. Training and results come first, everything else is secondary.

“Kernow Strength & Conditioning gym, is geared to people who take their fitness training seriously.”

Kernow Strength & Conditioning gym has been set up to cater for all ages and abilities from sport specific athletes to members of the public looking for something more interesting and effective than their normal commercial fitness gym can offer. In the Kernow Strength & Conditioning gym You won’t find rows of treadmills or cross trainers, but what you will find are prowler sleds, tractor tyres, indoor turf, dragging sleds, ropes, chains, bands, power racks, benches, plyometric boxes, Olympic lifting platforms, pulley systems, kettlebells, and a lot more functional equipment. All of these can be used by absolute beginners to exercise, all the way through to serious competitive athletes.

Our gym also offers a variety of effective classes aimed at toning up and weight loss as well as power and Olympic lifting classes. We also offer individual coaching sessions for anyone who needs specific sport fitness training or anyone who needs help loosing weight or improving their fitness levels.

So no matter what your age, sex, strength, or ability, if you have it in you to push yourself then Kernow Strength & Conditioning gym is the place for you. Regardless of your goal, we have the ability to improve your physique and physical performance.

About Myself

adam-taylorAdam Taylor is the owner of Kernow Strength and Conditioning (KSC) and is a highly qualified Strength and Conditioning coach. Adam provides the best service tailored specifically for each individuals needs. His passion is to make your goals a reality.

Adam has worked his way up from level 1 to level 3 strength and conditioning coach, which gives him a great depth of knowledge in the field of physical fitness and the human body. Adam is committed to a programme of continued professional development ensuring that the service you get is always of the highest standard.

Kernow Strength and Conditioning has successfully trained clients to increase muscle mass, lose fat/weight and improve sports performance, as well as a variety of aesthetic goals. Adam is always keen to hear about you and your goals so just get in touch.

As well as personal training on a 1 -to-1 or small group basis Adam also provide Sports Strength and Conditioning Services to local athletes and sports teams in a variety of sports such as swimming, rugby, netball, hockey, rowing, motor cross and triathlon. At Kernow Strength and Conditioning Adam takes pride in giving every individual client the very best training, which is backed up both by research and personal experience to provide real and sustainable results. Adam’s workouts are both challenging and fun. With his unique style and experience to provide variety in your training this means you’ll never get bored while working out again.