Get fit this Christmas, so that 2018 is ready for the new you


Tis the season to be fit


Christmas can be a really tricky time for all of us out there who spent the rest of the year trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

Christmas brings time out of the gym for many of us and, as well as depriving us of our gym time, it insists that the free time we do have, is spent going out for dinners with co-workers, drinks with friends and partying with the people we could be at the training in the gym with.

The whole holiday is a total calorie nightmare!, and heaven forbid you try and decline the social side of the holiday, You will defiantly be called Scrooge or boring, however if you do decide to ditch a party and workout instead, there’s a small voice at the back of our minds saying: “Are you mad? It’s Christmas! Get out and enjoy yourself!”

This is where we need a little self-motivation to help us stay on the right path. One way of doing this is through making the most of the time you have free and not allowing yourself to get distracted in your workout. We all need help sometimes getting motivated and pushing ourselves to reach the goals we have set. Kernow Strength & Conditioning offer a one to one personal training service. Which can definitely help you reach your fitness goals and keep you very motivated.

Individual tailor made sessions will be provided to suit your personal fitness needs. Single session is £25 but we currently have an offer for 10 sessions at £200


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Posted by Adam Taylor on 4th December 2016