Still lacking motivation to get fitter this year



We’ve all had days where we didn’t want to even think about training. Sometimes, even if it’s not a struggle getting to the gym, it’s hard not to leave a few reps or a set unfinished once we’re there. On those days when you’re run down, feeling down in the dumps, or just have a bunch of stuff to do, try and pick something that will make you feel great when you walk out of the gym. Try to pick an exercise you know you’re good at, or that you really like. Throw yourself an underhand pitch and smack that son of a bitch out of the park.

It may feel at first like this is setting back your results but the truth is that you don’t have to run yourself into the ground all the time.

It’s hard to get motivated when you aren’t giving yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. Training is hard enough as it is.


This is a mental game, not just a physical one, and there are many ways to play. So mix it up and don’t be afraid to widen your definition of a “Personal Best”

A real easy way to get a new personal best every time you train is to do a exercise you’ve never done before.


So if your having trouble getting back into training here’s a few ways we can help.


Kernow Strength & Conditioning offer a one to one personal training service. If you need help reaching your fitness goals and want to be motivated by one of our level 3 strength & conditioning coaches or require sport specific performance training then we can help.

Individual tailor made sessions will be provided to suit your personal fitness needs. Single session is £25 but we currently have an offer for 10 sessions at £200

How about trying our BST class

BST caters for everyone no matter what your level of fitness or ability.

It’s the ultimate full body conditioning group session. Some of the equipment we use in this class consists of tractor tyres, sandbags, ropes, sleds and body weight exercises, high intensity interval training and circuits.

BST class is guaranteed to get you results. Each BST session is completely different every time and are always aimed at burning body fat, increasing conditioning fitness levels and toning muscle.

We also run a Specific ladies only Strength and Conditioning classes is aimed at breaking down the old school beliefs shrouding women and training.

Each Ladies Strength & Conditioning Class session is completely different and will include a variety of HIIT (high intensity interval training) aimed at burning major calories.

Circuits which include body weight exercises and functional fitness equipment, these are ideal for toning the whole body as well as burning body fat. Ladies Strength & Conditioning Class also do Safe and supervised weight circuits these are beneficial to tone the entire body, burn calories and improve posture.

Ladies Strength & Conditioning Class focus a lot on core work in every session, which will help with posture/any nagging lower back pain and of course tone the stomach.

Build healthier, stronger lean muscle to be fit for life.

Posted by Adam Taylor on 18th January 2016